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Of All The Luck

So just earlier on this very afternoon that I’m posting this, my mum and I went on a nice little walk out down our local nature reserve seen as it was a nice day. Nothing too special, really, just felt like getting a bit of real world into our systems…
…but then, we were starting to head back home…now, to head back home we have to head up a road, uphill, that cuts through a small, kiddies educational farm of sorts…and it’s surrounded by fields for its horses.
Now, my mum was watching some common-as-mud sparrows fly over a farm gate into one of these fields…and then she spotted something in the middle of the feild and called me over.
You know, sometimes I can just swear on my life that the creatures of nature always know when you don’t have a camera on you, and this is definitely one of those times multiplied by some brain-busting sum of numbers.
I’m talking broad daylight, out in the open slap bang in the middle of the feild, some 50 meters or so away, scratching its ear with its hind leg, bold as you like, 8th wild fox I’ve seen in my entire lifetime so far.

I swear on my life I’m not even making this up.

I…I…I just can’t even…


It looked to be in pretty good health too…tail as bushy as you like. Glorious orange coat.

And all these other people were just waltzing on by not even paying attention. No idea they were just meters away from one brilliant example of nature at its finest.

What a spot! Wooooo!

Now that I got that out my system…I suppose I should use this opportunity to update you all on what’s new…er, let’s see…

…well first off, the Friday before last, My mum and I went on a trip up to a place called Rochdale. We used it as an excuse to ride on a tram from Manchester. Cost a bit less than we thought, too. I thought it’d be £5.60 return, turned out to be £4.20 return. Bargain!
It was an interesting little walk round Rochdale itself. Had sommat to eat in a café, had a nosey round the chartity shops…managed to find a new toaster for cheap in one of  ‘em to replace our old, broken one. Looks real snazzy, the new one, an’ all.
We then stopped off at a fire service museum and had a look round there, then got the tram back to Manchester and the bus back ‘ome.

Next…well, my stint as a euro head host for a club was short-lived. I was doing alright when it was just a couple of hours in the club each day minimum, and do call-outs for covers. But then the club got an upgrade…and they were doing a celebration of the new building…and all of a sudden upper management started telling e I had to be there all evening until stinking MIDNIGHT!
According to them that’s what they told us from the very start…but I don’t remember anything abot that, and neither does my SL love, who was offered a position as my assistant shortly after I was taken on board. I thought they only picked her because of me…and I thought she’d at least struggle at first…but she really surprised me by taking to it like a duck to water!
But either me nor she fancied standing around in the club all evening ’till midnight, so we bailed ourselves out.
It’s just about come full circle. I’m starting to feel ready to return to the industrial club I’m “taking a break” from…maybe another couple of weeks or so yet…
…also I may have been a bit too hasty about counting my relationship with my current SL love relationship on its way out in my previous post. Maybe this one could be the one that finally works…like I said, it feels like a culimnation of all I learned from my previous relationships, and she’s definitely the most compatible mate I’ve had yet, and I still greatly enjoy spending time with her, even when we don’t do much…we justg waste hours snuggling, and it never gets boring. I guess that’s what love is.

I also uploaded a couple more vids to my Youtube…just a little something I threw together of a trip upon The East Lancs Railway I went on the summer preceding my trip to Scotland.
I’m gonna be uploading one more vid tomorrow…of a trip I took to Knowsley Safari Park back in summer 2011.
Those are all the vids I have ready to be uploaded right now…after that, I’m gonna start work on a script for the video tour of my home…might as well make a start on that as soon as possible. The quicker I get that recorded, edited and uploaded, the sooner my OCD will let me buy my new computer.

Well I think that’s all I have to update you on for this entry.

So until next time,

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox Thom.

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And Lo, It Is Done!

At long last, I completed the animated intro for my Scotland trip series and added it to the start of the first video, and whipped up the part markers for all the other videos.

Sheesh, I wholly underestimated my tendency to procrastinate on it.. The year is now over halfway passed, and I’ve only now crossed off the top priority of my list of things I need to do before I get a new computer.

I still need to finish up an artistic endeavour that had to be sidelined so I could get this video series done and out of the way, and I still need to do a tour of my home pre-new computer for OCD reasons.

So it’s likely I won’t be able to get my new computer until at least sometime in the new year 2015.

Anyway, here’s my series of videos of my Scotland trip. Enjoy.

So what else is new in the world of The Blue Fox?

Well, not much really…mostly Second Life stuff.

Such as the fact that I’m on trial to be a Euro Head Host for the most popular Inustrial club in SL. Man, did that place ever explode in popularity…and still it grows while still only a few months old.

However, with the positive also comes the negative to balance it out. I lost my normal hosting job at another club.
They kept asking me if something was wrong and if i needed to take a break…and it was obvious I needed one from them, I was too stubborn and tunnel-visioned on their little carrot-on-a-stick that was their new time clock paying 400 lindens per set hosted to accept it.
It’s strange how I can be unmotivated to host at one industrial club, yet be absolutely cruising comfortably as a host at another.
I dunno, maybe it’s because one’s gone all old and fuddy, and the other is still all fresh and new and exciting.

But overall…I think I’ve more or less had enough of Second Life in general.
I think I’ve given it more than it’s fair share of chances to keep me interested but now…I just feel all “meh” about remaining a member.
However, I do still have some feelings for my current SL love, Lavander…so I wanna stay on just to enjoy being with her while I can…but, going from my track record with SL relationships, this one doomed to fail sooner or later for some reason or other.
I can feel it in me bones…the initial excitement has already worn off…but…she’s still a very nice girl…and man is her voice hot…I’m not kidding, it’s all sultry and seductive and mrawr…but…less and less often I feel like doing anything more than snuggle with her…and we don’t get to do that much anymore now either coz of my new responsibilities and commitment as Euro head host.
And she’s got another year of college starting next week so he won’t be on as much.
As much as I like her, things are not looking too good for “us” in the future.
It’s a shame really…Lavander is by far the most compatible mate I’ve had…this relationship feels like a culmination of all I’ve learned in prior SL relationships.
We’ll just have to see how things go.

I think that’s about all I have for this entry.

So until next time,

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox Thom

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Expos, Festivals And Rage Comics, Oh My!

So back on Saturday the 19th of July the Manchester Gmex Center, now renamed Manchester Central, had another MCM Expo and I decided to go in my improved Neo from The Matrix outfit and check it out.

Brought my camera with me and I photographed some of the better cosplay outfits I saw.

Manchester MCM Expo 2014

They’re not the best photos in the world but you can still see what’s going on.

Nobody ever asked for a photo of me in my Neo outfit though. Bummer. Guess it’s not as good as I think it is. One guy pointed out I didn’t have his array of holsters all over his body. Well, where the heck am I supposed to get those? I’m not making them…last time I tried that they pretty much fell apart at the seams.

I ran into my real life friend, Luna. I kinda knew I’d bump into her eventually. She almost never misses an Expo. Especially not when it’s in Manchester. She was going round with two or three of her friends so once I revealed to her I was present I tagged along for a bit and caught up with what was new as best I could.
She actually appears in one of my pictures, there. She’s the female Sword Art Online character.
She had arranged a poke’meet with some poke’mon cosplayers, so all my pictures of the group of Poke’mon cosplayers are from that.

I didn’t really get to do much else, but I had fun.

Last weekend Chadkirk had its annual festival…so I went there for the soul reason that I knew that every year some falconers came bringing some captive birds of prey.

The birds of prey weren’t all that showed up this year, though. Some bright spark had brought along a couple of metal statues of C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars. That was quite an amusing sight.

Chadkirk Festival 2014

Other than that, there wasn’t much of interest there. We had a bit of a walk round Chadkirk itself but that was it.

Finally…I came across these two Rage Comics that I can really relate to.

Rage Comic Matches

That’s happened to me a few times with a box of matches. I wish they’d more clearly label which way up it was.

And then there’s this one;

Rage Comic Junk Food

I don’t eat as extremely unhealthily as the guy in the comic but I swear to goddess it’s so cussing true!! I try to excersize and eat right, and I gain weight…I stop caring and eat unhealthily, I lose weight. Explain that one if you can, lifestyle experts!

There was even an article in the newspaper recently…some celebrity started dieting to try to lose some weight…she lost a bit at first, but then ended up heavier than when she started! So it’s not just me.

No wonder folks tend to be unmotivated to excersize and eat right, when it’s so much effort for ending up with more of what you’re trying to lose.

My Scotland Trip Animated Intro is so close to complete now, I can taste it. Again, it’s not gonna be exactly how I imagined, but it’s the best I can do and I just can’t be arsed to improve it as that would just take even longer and I’ve wasted enough time with it as it is. I need to get it done so I can move on to other things. And I’m NOT doing full animation again until I get a full version of a flash creation programme on my new computer.

Welp. I think that’s about all I got to talk about for now…

So until next time,

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox

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A Route-r To Nowhere

So the Wednesday that preceded last Sunday I had to go out to do me jobcenter sign-on…so I decided to make use of the opportunity to head over to PC World and look at the routers there.

I found one by a company called Netgear that had 8 ethernet ports. I figured that’d do the trick.
Little did I know of the difficulty I had just imposed upon myself.
So I took it home and introduced it to our home network. All seemed well when my dad’s laptop showed it had internet.
I then booted up my PS3 to see if I had internet on there…but it wasn’t having any. So, using my dad’s laptop, I looked up online for some troubleshooting fixes that would get it to work…but nothing worked.
My efforts eventually caused my dad’s laptop to lose internet connection as well.
The last thing I tried was to switch absolutely everything off…computers, router, and even the modem…and then gradually switch each one on again…first the modem…wait a couple of minutes…then the router…wait a couple of minutes…and finally my laptop.
This allowed internet to work on my laptop…but not on my dad’s laptop.
It was then I realised I was only getting internet for one device at a time.

So I logged on Skype (Trillian) and managed to come across a couple of technically minded friends of mine.
I explained my router issues to them…and eventually they pointed something out.
So here’s the deal; the full product name of this “router” I had got is “Netgear Prosafe 8-port Gigabit Desktop Switch GS108″
When I told them this full product name…they were like “Hang on…switch. Well, there’s your problem.”
As it turns out, a “switch” is basically a lot like a router, but works differently…and it’s this difference in operation that my home’s computer network does not like.
In hindsight, when I looked at the thing on the shelf at PC World, I did see “switch” in the name…and I was like “Switch? What does that mean? Does it mean it has a feature that lets me switch between which device gets the internet?” and THAT should’ve been a signal to me to avoid it and look for something that actually says “router”.

So I went back to PC World on Friday with my switch…made sure I looked at the actual routers this time…as it turns out, all the ethernet cable ones only have 4 ports…the ones that primarily talk about handling more than 4 devices are wireless…and I don’t want wireless, I do not trust it to be as reliable as wires.
I picked a wired connection router out anyway, one that falls within a provided device rating that says it should handle 4 – 8 devices at once, and went to customer services to do an exchange.
I explained what I as trying to do to the guy at the till…how I needed at least 8 ports for the multitude of devices I’m gonna have in the future…and he said “Well, actually, if you hook up that thing to your new router it basically acts as an extension to that router.”

So problem solved right? Well, not quite. A new problem emerged. A weird one.
The router I picked out comes with an installation disc which allows me to set it up using my laptop.
All seemed to be going well…the setup wizard was quite easy to follow…and I got as far as what appears to be the final step, verifying the router’s settings.
This is where an error message starts coming up, telling me it cannot verify the router’s settings, and one of the suggested fixes was to check my WAN settings or something like that.

I had a hunch what the problem was…see, an earlier step in the setup asks if I want to try dynamic IP to automatically detect my IP address, or if I want to manually enter a fixed IP address. I figure the latter is what I wanna do…but I needed to be sure…I decided to ask my technically minded friends on Skype to see if I was right.

Using my old router, I contacted them…and they said “Yeah, give it a go. That should do it.”

So the morning after that, I booted up my laptop on the new router, ready to give the manual entry a try…but before I even put the setup disc in the CD tray, all of a sudden I found I had Internet connection! As did my dad’s laptop when he booted that up!

Very odd…
So I decided “Welp…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I had to activate a special setting to allow my PS3 to get internet too, and that got that working.

And it seems the switch is doing exactly what the guy said it would, with it hooked up to the router, the devices plugged in there are getting internet too!

So all in all, problem solved!

I was too busy last Sunday to post all that then so I had to wait until today to do it.

The other day, my Second Life love and I got ourselves an in-world rental to live in. It’s a rather small one in a tucked-away corner of a parcel but it’s all we can afford at the moment.
See, Second Life clubs…and heck Second Life in general just ain’t as popular as it used to be. Fewer people are buying in-world dough, called Linden Dollars, with real life money, making Linden Dollars dough more expensive to buy, which only makes even fewer people willing to buy it, and so on in a vicious cycle.
As a result, fewer people are being as generous with their Linden Dollars, meaning club hosts like me get tipped less.

Time was I earned an average of over 1,000 Linden Dollars a week from three shifts at just one club, allowing me to pay for a pretty decent rental with a bit left over.
Now I’m lucky to even earn HALF that from my FOUR shifts at TWO separate clubs.
Second Life needs some fresh interest. I wonder if I can get some folks I know on message boards interested?

Well I reckon that just about covers what I have to update you on for now.

So until next time…

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox.

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Half A Year Gone

Half of 2014 has come and past…and I have yet to fully achieve any of the things I have tasked myself with getting done this year.

Mainly because I had chosen to try and get that darn intro animation for my Scotland trip videos done and out of the way first.
It’s so very near complete I can just taste it. It’s not gonna be quite what I envisioned in my mind’s eye but it’s pretty darn close considering I have next to no prior animation experience.

Once that’s finished and I’ve edited into the first video and edited the title card into the other videos, then we’ll be motoring.

I then just gotta finish an artistic endeavour that would’ve been done long ago if not for the Scotland trip intro animation requiring my attention.

And then I wanna start recording a tour of the house where I live in real life. I want to record that BEFORE I get a new computer because I want to show the internet my fail laptop of doom.

AND THEN FINALLY I’ll be all set to buy that new computer.

In the meantime I think it may be wise to invest in a new router. The one we currently have keeps derping up our internet connection…it has done for quite a while.
I think it’s because my dad bought a bargain one for, like, a tenner from Maplin’s. So hopefully when I get a more decent one with my oodles of dosh it’ll perform much better.
I think I best get one with lots of ethernet sockets because we got so much stuff to plug in there and the current one only has 4 sockets and there’s one or two spare ethernet cables that we have left unplugged because we don’t use the devices they’re for very often. Plus with my new computer and my getting a PS4 coming up, It’ll need room to house all that internet demand.

However, a rather unforseen circumstance or two has been eating into my spare time of late. Though I’m not really complaining about it…

…I found a new Second Life love interest…though not really intentionally.
Her name’s Lavander…I first met her almost a year ago now when a friend of mine took me to check out a new Second Life club that was opening at the time and took her along as well.
Since then she and I pretty much just stalked each other, from her crashing my hostie shifts at a SL club I worked for, to me winding up in her little humble SL home… ((well, it wasn’t really hers, she was just sort of piggybacking off her then SL girlfriend, who she’s now broken up with…not really coz of me, she’d been feeling like it wasn’t working between them for a while anyway.))
We flirted up a storm with each other…until one day all the sexual tension between us was finally released at one of a furry club’s private rooms.
Then after our deed was done, she kind of out of nowhere asked me if I was into master/pet stuff. I was like “Uh…heck yeah!” and the next thing I know I was being added as an owner to her collar!
Since then we have been spending pretty much any free time we had together, mostly just snuggling, sometimes having some more “fun”.
It feels so amazing  just to have her in my virtual arms, and I genuinely dislike breaking our snuggles when various obligations in world have to be fulfilled, or we have to log off to do RL stuff.
Our avis look so great together too…she has this furry female version of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland thing going on and it’s pretty sexy…so imagine that snuggled up to SL’s Handsomest Blue Fox and that’s what we look like together.

The second thing is she sort of introduced me to a game in Newgrounds called Dillo Hills…and it’s pretty darn addictive.
It’s a racing game featuring all sorts of animal critters. The controls are very simple…up arrow to jump and glide in the air for a short period of time, down arrow to come back down to earth, space to fire a power-up weapon when you’ve collected one.
The maps all have an undulating path going up and down pretty much constantly. The idea is you have to land where the path slopes downward, and you’ll slide along and be catapulted forward. If you land where the path slopes upward, however, you face-plant and lose a heck of a lot of momentum.
Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. Judging your landing while flying along at psychotic speeds is actually not very easy. It takes a lot of practice, and some maps are harder than others.
I’ve more or less gotten the hang of it now but I’m definitely no pro. All the really experienced players leave me eating their dust and make it look incredibly effortless.

So yeah…trying to find myself some free time where I feel like doing some progress on my Scotland Trip video intro animation has become that much more difficult.

I think that’s about all I have to update you on.

So until next time…

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox.

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The Power Of Blogging Compells Me

Yeah, yeah, I know what I said last week about not posting weekly entries anymore…and yet here I am doing another update exactly a week later.

I dunno…not doing a weekly update just doesn’t feel right…I just feel compelled to do one…at least for this week anyway.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been doing weekly updates on here for so long. I’m hooked like it’s my narcotic or something.

Besides, a couple of fairly interesting things did happen this last week.

This last Wednesday I went to do my jobcenter sign-on…and had to inform them I heard nothing back from the two radio stations I sent letters to. Bummer.
Then, surprise, surprise, the lady actually does her job and gives me a list of unpaid employment opportunities in the area to boost my CV.
So we find that Quality Save in Cheadle was advertising one.
Yeah, Cheadle again. This place is virtually next door to Banardos.
Anyway, when I expressed my interest, she gave the gaffe a ring…now, the guy I needed to see wasn’t in when she rang but his assistant or whatever said he would be in “tomorrow” (this last Thursday).

So we arranged for me to turn up in a black shirt and black trousers at high noon.
So I do…and I find the guy I was supposed to meet…but it turns out they failed to inform him of my coming, so he wasn’t prepared.
Needless to say, the interview was a bit of a shambles as busy employees have us going back and forth between the lunch room and the office.

So the guy sez to me, he sez “I’m gonna ring you and do a telephone interview later on this afternoon” so I give him me home number.
Well, guess what? It’s now Sunday and nix, nada, el zilcho.

The second thing happened yesterday…it was a car boot sale at my old secondary school, of all places…my ma and pa had managed to get themselves a stall there…and then I headed over myself…I was half hoping some of my old school friends woulda got wind of it and woulda gone there for a laugh.
Laughing was about the last thing we were doing coz it started raining. So then the organisers of the event decided to open up the school canteen and have everybody move in there…heh, and that had everybody wondering why they didn’t do that in the first place!

And that’s it.

So…I still reckon I should not bother posting when nothing particularly interesting happens…so here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna leave out any uneventful weeks, and post on eventful weeks. Yup Yup.

So until next time,

Ciao for now,

Cordially, The Blue Fox.

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Insert Imaginitive Title Here

Ehhh…I’m starting to think maybe I should cut doing weekly entries on my blog and only update it when something interesting happens to me…because, for a while now, nothing particularly interesting has been going on.

All that’s really there for me to do is keep a regular eye on my weight…and I don’t even think I should bother with that anymore because I know I’ve probably gained another stone or two because I’m a lazy slob who can never be bothered to actually put any real effort into attempting to lose weight because I feel no matter how hard I try I still gain weight. Though I probably haven’t ever really tried that hard to begin with so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.


Eeeyup, I’m calling it now. No more weekly updates. I’ll post something when I actually have something interesting to post.

I mean all I really have right now is my progress towards the Infamous 2 Platinum Trophy…and I don’t think anybody’s really interested in that.

But in case anybody is, I’ll just say I’ve just got all the evil story achievements, plus the achievement for doing 25 user-generated missions, plus the one for finding all the blast shards, plus the one for doing all the assassination side missions, whatever those are. Now I’m doing the story on hard mode, trying to find the ice conduit side missions, whatever those are, and trying to destroy 30 destructible structures, which apparently is harder to get than you’d probably expect.

So that’s it for now.

Until next time, whenever that is

Ciao for now,

Cordially, The Blue Fox.

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Do ALL The Things

So I did exactly what I said I was going to do…I made a couple of letters…one to Imagine FM, and one to BBC Radio Manchester, asking them for an opportunity to work with them. We shall see if they reply.

While I was at it I had a look for some job vacancies and I found an interesting one working for some photography shop…said all I really needed was an interest in photography…check. Apparently the gaffe is somewhere in Reddish so that’s a plus. So I applied to that. See if that gets anywhere an’ all.

I informed the Joke shop of these applications and they said “alright, let’s wait and see if you get a reply back…if not, we’ll look into volunteering opportunities in the area”

I also managed to succeed in getting the Platinum Trophy for Infamous 1. So now I’ve loaded up Infamous 2 and have started working through that to see if I can get the Platinum trophy for that as well.

ALL the blast shards!

Pretty much right away I noticed they’d got a different voice actor for Cole. His voice was all gravelly in Infamous 1…now it’s like, a generic cocky hero voice…you know the type.

Weight check!
Last week’s weight; 16 stone 11, 106.8 kg, 235.4 lb
This week’s weight; 16 stone 13, 107.6 kg, 237.2 lb

Whyyy do I even bother.

That’s all for this week. So, until next week…

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox.

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Spoke About Etherow

Sooo not a whole lot happened this last week…

I went for a bit of a ride on my bike on Friday, up to the “giant’s money-box”, round the back path behind Reddish Vale, to Tiviot Way, then up round the back of where my dad’s mom used to live, then back home again.
It was an alright little jaunt.

Then earlier today my parents and I went for a walk round Etherow country park.
I didn’t take me camera coz I remembered the battery needed charging on it…but my dad took his.
We saw some of those nice mandarin ducks, plus a dipper flitting back and forth between some rapids and a ledge where we think it’s got a nest fulla babies.
We also saw a lone Great Crested Grebe.

Oh and I don’t think I told you about my problems with Skype yet, have I?
See, it was pretty much ever since I had to have my laptop’s motherboard replaced…my stupid Norton anti-virus was blocking Skype so I couldn’t use it.
Then about a couple of months ago I discovered I had a Skype feed on my Outlook inbox which worked to aaaa…certain degree. Well enough for me to set up a meeting with Luna last week anyway.
Well just yesterday I was relaying my Skype problems to a friend on SL and they told me about a IM provider called Trillian that apparently you could use to talk to people on Skype with.
So I got it…and wouldn’t you know? It worked like a charm! It’s just like having Skype back again! Yay!
That’s about it.

What I hope I’ll have myself doing tomorrow is buckle down and;
1) Write up a couple of letters, one to Imagine FM and another to BBC Radio Manchester, ask ‘em if they’re interested in taking me on.
2) Find some job vacancies to apply to…remember to print off some screen shots of the application pages to show to the joke shop on Wednesday.

Weight Check!
Last week’s weight; 16 stone 7, 105.0 kg, 231.4 lb
This week’s weight; 16 stone 11, 106.8 kg, 235.4 lb


That’s all for this week. So, until next week…

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox.

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The Very Late In The Day Blog Update

I’ll get to why this blog update is being posted so late in the day in due course of time…I wanna get the stuff that happened through the rest of this past week out of the way first.

So the guy who signed me on at the jobcenter this past Wednesday didn’t ask for any evidence of what I’ve applied for…which is great coz I couldn’t get any evidence for the places I wrote down, which were places my parents and I passed by on our way back from our trip down Marple Lakes last Sunday…all places I hadn’t applied to in a while.

Anyway he then explained to me that they wanted to eventually worm everyone on over to using purely Universal Jobsmatch to log their jobsearch and apply evidence.
I hardly ever log on to UJ coz it’s a useless piece of junk. I know I’ve ranted about this before, but EFF it, I’ll rant again.
First of all, most of the vacancies don’t even tell you what company is advertising…it always says something like “Company Confidential” or “Vision Focus Group” or “Come On Get On Group”
Second of all, virtually none of the vacancies have an “apply” button, for you to click, which is supposed to log in UJ that you’re applying or have applied to that job. The few that do? The button just takes you to an external website and doesn’t log that you’re applying there.
Third of all…uhhh…hmmm…I KNOW I had a third thing about UJ to rant about but it escapes my memory.

I’m the lord and master of all daft ducks…and I prove it through some of my daft duckish actions.
This last Friday evening I cooked myself up some Chips, Fish Fingers and Mushy Peas.
Now, I like Salt, Vinegar and Sauce on my Chips and Fish Fingers…I put the Salt on, no problem…but then I go to put the Vinegar on…
Now, we have a Vinegar shaker that we put our Vinegar in…you know, with the special cap with the little hole in the middle to make it so you shake it out in little drops.
For some strange reason I decide to unscrew this cap and then try to shake the Vinegar on me chips.
So you might imagine a whole sloshing of vinegar saturated my meal…fortunately most of it drained right off and my meal wasn’t ruined.
I swear, sometimes I wish I had some kind of minder to watch over me and yell “STOP” when I’m about to do something dumb.

My progress with getting all the achievements on Infamous 1 has been steady…I completed the story once and now have started anew with it again coz obviously you can’t get everything in one play through and you learn things like the fact that one of the 300-or-so blast shards you need to find is booby-trapped in a dude’s locker and you have to heal him and let him defuse the locker.

Alright I think that about covers everything, now to why this blog update is so late.
See, the other day, I was checking my Outlook e-mail inbox when my Skype feed on there flashed up saying I got a message.
It was Luna! My one real life friend who keeps disappearing for ages on end!
She wanted to meet up in real life and catch up on what’s new. I was like “Heck, yeah!” so we arranged to meet this morning at 10 AM at our usual spot.
She told me to contact her when I was a few minutes away so she could set off too because apparently she lived somewhere very close to the town center.
So I set off…and sent her a text when I was about 5 minutes out…arrived at our usual spot at about 10 and waited for her to show up…
…half an hour later, no sign, I start to get impatient and try to call her…and get an answering machine. So I leave a message.
A further half-hour later I get sick of waiting and headed home.
I boot up my computer, go on my Outlook inbox, check my e-mails…then, on a whim, decide to check my Skype feed.
There she was online. So I poke her and ask what happened.
Her fail memory of doom, which much is like my own none-too-reliable-at-the-best-of-times memory only much, much worse, hasn’t gotten any better.
Also…her phone was dead…she forgot to charge it.
So we tried again after she convinced me to come right away with the offer of extra hugs.
This time with much more successful results. She actually popped out of a side-street about 40 feet in front of me when I was headed down the A6 after utilising my short-cut.
We wandered around town a bit talking about this and that and what have you, then she took me back to her new abode.
She has this second-floor apartment in a two-floor council house apartment building…one of many in a block among other blocks of the same thing.
So she was showing me her Princess Luna (from MLP) cosplay…and how the ears and horn kept falling out…and then we were bored and didn’t know what to do…then she had the idea of me playing a game on her boyfriends computer with her on her laptop.
We ended up playing Minecraft. At last I got to experience Minecraft first-paw. Coz there’s no way this hunk of junk laptop can support a game that big…it can barely support Second Life!
When I told her I was waiting to get the PS4 version, she was like “don’t bother, console version sucks, get the PC version when you get a better PC.” And I was like “m’okay.”

Boy did I get caught up in the game, though. We played until…oooh, it must have been around about half 6 or something like that because I remember walking home as it was getting on for 7 ‘o’clock.
She told me that, now that I know where she is, I can call in on her if I feel she’s disappeared too long again…but probably best to send a text ahead first coz she might be at work when I suddenly decide to drop in.

Alrighty, then…weight check!
Last week’s weight; 16 stone 11, 106.9 kg, 235.6 lb
This week’s weight; 16 stone 7, 105.0 kg, 231.4 lb

That reminds me…one of my close friends on Second life asked me how much I weigh…and when I told them they were like “that’s not too bad.”…mind you, they’re way over in America…and I think “obese” there and “obese” here are two different things.

On the subject of Second Life, I got a new Second Life Job. A new club opened up, and that selfsame friend took me there, and they were looking for hosts obviously. I liked the look of the place…it had a very promising crowd there when I first went, and amongst the crowd there were good people who already knew me…and I happened to mention in Local chat that I might like to work there.
This prompted the head host that was present to pounce on me and hire me on the spot…because the people who knew me knew I was this uber epically awesome club host and were giving me shining recommendations all the while.
From discovering a new club to being a part of its staff, all in one day. Oh yeah, I’m THAT good.

I think that’s all I have to tell y’all about for this week…

So, until next week…

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox Thom

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