Posted by: bluefoxy | January 26, 2014


So this last Tuesday I had a quick word with my Seetec advisor while I was down there for one of my jobsearch appointments and told her about what happened with B+M’s and she said she’d see if she can’t telephone them and see what their side of the story is.

Whilst on my way to another Seetec jobsearch appointment this last Thursday I came across a car flipped onto it’s roof at the junction at the end of Belmont Way, feeding into Wellington Road. The cops were there and everything. It even earned a quick mention in the website of my local newspaper.
That was something a bit more unusual to add to my normal boring routine.

I had a rather interesting dream last night…I dreamt I was walking along a woodland path next to a railway line. (which was fenced off obviously)
And it seemed like the trains were just racing by, like, every 5 seconds…and one of ’em blared it’s horn as it went by and I remember saying to myself (In the dream) “Blimey, that scared me half to death!”
Then I come across a small station…and this station has 2 normal platforms for the big trains to stop at, and then it has this little separate bay, in which sat a little miniature railway train…and as I make my way over there the miniature train steams off out of the bay and disappears under a bridge.

Then I make my way around the back of some small building beside this miniature railway bay and find a bit of a play park there, and in this play park was a couple of loops of miniature railway track for the miniature train to trundle down.
The loop nearest to me was quite small and short by the looks of things, and the other, further away one was quite long and big…and it appeared to be closed off…this was signified by a long, somewhat thick bit of tape that had black and yellow stripes going diagonally up all across it, tied to a couple of trees that were either side of the train track.
So then I make my way over to somewhere in the middle of the big loop of track and the look over my shoulder or something to see if the miniature train was coming up behind me…which it was…only it wasn’t the miniature train anymore…
It had somehow turned into a rather simple wooden toy train that was all rectangle and sort of flat to the ground…what’s more it was impossibly long…like there was more carriages than I could count…in fact I’m not even sure I could see the end of it.
The next thing I know this wooden toy train was actually toy-sized and I was playing with it, pushing it along and guiding it across a big gap in the track to a separate bit of track out in the grass, which was a smooth curve…and it was now like one of those bits of plastic Hot Wheels track for some reason.
So I push it around this corner and then I think the conductor or the driver of the train (there’s still somehow people on board) asks some question about nutrition for some reason. I don’t remember what the question was exactly but I remember the answer being an apple so I then guided the wooden train to a straight bit of hot wheels track that had (a picture of?) an apple on it for some reason.
That’s where the dream ends.

It’s weird that my dreams, or rather the ones I remember, manage to keep some form of logical sense…
I mean I don’t know of any stations for normal trains also housing a bay for miniature trains in real life…(I’m sure I’ve dreamed of something similar before)
…and there’s certainly no logical sense in a miniature train somehow turning into a wooden toy train…
But then me walking down a woodland path by a train line? There’s plenty of those about in Britain if you take the time to look.
Me being startled by a loud train horn? Well, who wouldn’t be at that close proximity?
Me playing with the wooden toy train when it appears? Sure, why not?
I don’t get that last part about a random question about nutrition and me having to answer it by guiding the train to the piece of track with the correct answer on it but whatever, for a dream that’s not very random.

Hm. Not a whole lot happened to me this last week, really, did it?

Lets see what those crazy Equestrians are up to in this week’s MLP;FIM…

Ohhhhh boy…while Fluttershy’s away, Discord can play…he’s obviously putting on this sickness act as part of some devilish scheme.

Ah, yep, there it is…using his powers to make Applejack and Rarity “sick” too. And no doubt he’s gonna spread his “illness” everywhere.

Orrrr maybe he’s gonna take the opportunity to troll the two princesses…coz trolling’s what Discord does best.

Oooh…big flower…didn’t see that coming…
Ooooh…big worm…didn’t see that coming either…
…oh gee, like THIS isn’t gonna be made into a pony tentacle rape game in ten seconds flat.

…and here we go with the revelation that he was faking…
…and the point of all this was WHATNOW?
A test of Twilight’s friendship level? Oh, Discord, have you not learned by now that it’s OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND?!?

Wait a minute…Cadance with a revelation of her own that life in the Crystal Empire is a bit stale, so she needs a bit of excitement now and again?

Lol…and in comes karma to teach Discord a little lesson of his own.

Wait for it….

Wwwaaaiiittt fffooorrr iiittt…

…wait what? No shiny rainbow glimmer offa the medallion Discord gave Twilight? Oh Come on!

Over the last few episodes we’ve had a couple where a shiny rainbow glimmer appears and mirrors in our pony heroine’s eyes. We’ve had it with Rarity with “Rarity Takes Manehatten” and with Rainbow Dash in “Rainbow Falls”
The trend should continue with the rest of our Mane 6 cast over the course of the season, culminating with a big mass revelation that the elements of harmony were what they had inside them all along, and not physically represented by those trinkets they wore in previous seasons.
It is that revelation that then opens the mystery box and they win themselves the mystery star prize.
What is this magical mystical secret contained within? Your guess is as good as mine.

Weight check!
Last week’s weight; 16 stone 7, 105.0 kg, 231.4 lb.
This week’s weight; 16 stone 6, 104.7 kg, 230.8 lb.

Metal Gear Awesome Snake Okay Okay! What else…?

I managed to Platinum Trophy Assassin’s Creed 2, which is awesome….I’m now working on AC Brotherhood to see what trophies I can grab on that…I’ve already claimed a few new ones…
But there’s a few that require me to play online multiplayer on it and I don’t know if there will be any players left in online multiplayer because it’s been so long since AC Brotherhood’s release and there are other, later instalments in the AC series.
I’ll see what I can do anyway.

Alright…I think that’s about all I have to talk about for this week…

So, until next week…

Ciao for now,
Cordially, The Blue Fox Thom.


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